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Hello ladies ☺️✨ so let’s talk Waistshaping and getting started..
As a model and representative for waistshaperUK shapewear and products I started receiving a lot of private messages and comments querying the ins and outs of my Waistshaping journey and therefore have decided to dedicate this post to all my beginner mums, pondering over the idea of waistshaping and wether it’s right for them..

First things first, I am not new to shapewear and although I have always sported a somewhat smaller frame, I have always had my own ‘problem’ areas to which I take comfort in turning to the now ever so popular spandex material items, which provide the desired ‘nip’ and ‘tuck’ giving confidence to most mums nowadays!
I think there’s a huge misconception about support wear and for whom it’s ️suitable to. Let me just say that I don’t believe you have to be plus size to qualify for supportive or contouring if you will, underwear.
If your plus size, fair play, the results will possibly be more dramatic however if like me your a smaller build but you find comfort in wearing them, your also entitled to.
I know quite a lot about supportive underwear as, as I started my periods so young, they have always been pretty heavy in flow and painful so my worst nightmare would have been anything loosely fitted. I tend to find tighter clothing gives me better confidence that there will be less possibility to leakages ect..
So onto postpartum.. That applies exactly the same, as we all know or some of you might be about to find out, the bloodloss after childbirth is unpleasant but can be dealt with and doesn’t have to leave you housebound. Wearing the correct supportive gear will help you feel more at ease. I can do a separate blog post with some item suggestions if anybody would benefit from that?
When can I start my waistshaping journey?
So immediately after childbirth you should not be expecting to be able to throw on a shaper and hop to it. No, no.. The suggested starting date should be 6weeks post delivery. Now depending upon your birthing experience and wether or not you had to undergo a Cesarian surgery, this date could be slightly longer as you have to ensure that your scar has fully closed.
Six weeks will allow your uterus the time that it needs to reduce down into a less tender, swollen state. If your breastfeeding your baby then you will see slightly increased results as the sucking action from your baby feeding from your nipples actually stimulates uterus contraction, helping the muscles to pull back down and inwards to its resting position.
Where do I measure?
You should be measuring the width, around your waist which is positioned just above your tummy button and below your ribs. Measure in inches and if your having trouble converting your measurements into the correct size shaper, help Is available on using the relevant email address 👌
‘How does it fit’
Now when you get your shaper, you shouldn’t be expecting for it to slide on easily. If you can straight away buckle it up without a tug or effort, it’s too big. The idea is for the shaper to be smaller than your current size in order for it to sculpt your sizing down to that of the shapers, slowly progressing to tighter clips etc.
I broke a few nails getting my first shaper on and I Couldn’t breathe for the first five minutes but the workout was worth the results 😂 my sisters too! As they say ‘no pain no gain’. Granted that you shouldn’t experience any pain from wearing your shaper, but slight discomfort is common until you have worn it in.
‘Will it effect my innards’
There’s this huge debate online about wether or not waisttraining will move the organs of the body around inside, etc etc..
I’m not a doctor therefore my words are my advice simply formed from my own knowledge and life experiences but as far as I am concerned, wearing a latex body shaper is in no way harming my organs. I understand the compression may pull my gut in but in comparison to say the old Victorian stemmed waist cinchers, the only changes I have experienced have been exterior benefits. In history there are records of ladies breaking ribs, having ribs removed, experiencing ruptured organs etc from hard boned, lace tied corset wearing but that’s extreme. Waistshapers are made from latex materials, they offer support and full movement as normal.
So the next step once you have reached your full shaper potential is to downsize!
You can continue as discreetly and as long as you want!
Results are not solely dependable ion the use of your shapewear.
You MUST drink the advised 2-3 litres of water a day to help you stay hydrated and replenish your sweat loss as your shaper will increase your perspiration around the mid section.
Eating healthily is essential to avoid bloating and aid in the body’s digestive ability.
Waistshaping results can be permanent when done in conjunction to a healthy lifestyle. Use it as an aid to sculpting not only a better shape, but a healthier lifestyle. Health is wealth after all and we’re all worth the time and efforts it takes to have a healthy mind, body and soul 😘👌✨