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Plans VS Reality 

  There are days when we have all good intentions of fulfilling every plan in the dairy and then there is the reality that being a hands on mum sometimes means those plans get set aside.

I often battle between the business woman I have internally and the maternal goddess I am so much more confident externalising. Lol

This brings me to crossroads at times when I have points to achieve which collide with my motherly duties.

I have to ask myself which one I would|could assign to another person to fulfil for the sheer purpose of getting it done and the truth is that I would never allow anybody the blessing that is nursing my poorly babies over work or any other task.

I have to be honest and admit that my children are my driving force and when these days arrive in which the greater power sends tests of good health and intention, I am happy to take the challenge.

My sons been poorly since Friday with a virus. He’s still fighting it now. I’ve delayed plans, missed occasions and got behind with things and I’ve apologised to others and now I’m apologising to myself, for making myself frustrated by telling myself I’ve not achieved the tasks I set out. For the truth is that I am fulfilling the only task that matters.. Through these sleepless nights, my eyes that tire and heart that aches for seeing my buddha sick is what reassures me that I’m doing all I can right now. I am a comfort and a reassurance and That’s all that matters. What you can do, not what you can’t.
For my working mummies .. Don’t beat yourself up over things you cannot control. Being a mother is the highest privilege there is. Enjoy what you created .

Love and light ✨

It’s been a while…. 

I saw this photo this morning and the words have been resonating within my mind all day since. 

I wanted to share it with you. Incase it gives the same influence to one of you, the way it has me. 

I’ve been off my blog a while, but I’m back, I will be attempting to post often, about all topics which anybody cares to read. 

Motherly issues. 


Hair and beauty.  


Strong, wise and true words for my current situation.. 
Can always rely on zara khalique #keepitbright for the right words! 
I am taking these words to heart. 
Those who know me closely know that I am my own worst critic, I’m a perfectionist.. I procrastinate until I’m 100% happy with my decisions which sometimes means some things don’t get fulfilled at all because I’m not 100% pleased. Well, time for change. 
Time for love, self assessment, reassurance, self belief, confidence and all the brighter sides of my mind and soul to beam! 
Let me show u what I’m working with 🙊☺️😝 
I urge you, all of you, to do something that will bring you one step closer to something you dream of, today, for you! Because you deserve it! Your fabulous, vibrant and worthy! 



Many apologies for the absences! I can ensure you I will be back shortly! 
I have been working my round butt off so keep following and I will upload a few drafted blog posts this week for you guys to read!   

I love all of your questions and I will answer as fast as I can.. Meanwhile anymore.. Comment or DM ✨ 

Love and Light x