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Plans VS Reality 

  There are days when we have all good intentions of fulfilling every plan in the dairy and then there is the reality that being a hands on mum sometimes means those plans get set aside.

I often battle between the business woman I have internally and the maternal goddess I am so much more confident externalising. Lol

This brings me to crossroads at times when I have points to achieve which collide with my motherly duties.

I have to ask myself which one I would|could assign to another person to fulfil for the sheer purpose of getting it done and the truth is that I would never allow anybody the blessing that is nursing my poorly babies over work or any other task.

I have to be honest and admit that my children are my driving force and when these days arrive in which the greater power sends tests of good health and intention, I am happy to take the challenge.

My sons been poorly since Friday with a virus. He’s still fighting it now. I’ve delayed plans, missed occasions and got behind with things and I’ve apologised to others and now I’m apologising to myself, for making myself frustrated by telling myself I’ve not achieved the tasks I set out. For the truth is that I am fulfilling the only task that matters.. Through these sleepless nights, my eyes that tire and heart that aches for seeing my buddha sick is what reassures me that I’m doing all I can right now. I am a comfort and a reassurance and That’s all that matters. What you can do, not what you can’t.
For my working mummies .. Don’t beat yourself up over things you cannot control. Being a mother is the highest privilege there is. Enjoy what you created .

Love and light ✨

Hotmess 🙈

Today’s mindset: 

Imperfect is okay.
OCD on fleek today. Can I say that? Lol.
I’ve been ticking all morning. 

If I roll my fingers, rub my knee, squeeze my eye or touch the right side of anything once more ill fucking lose it 😒😂 If I don’t laugh or talk about it I’ll cry. 

Anxiety is a hot mess. 

What’s today’s issue? I can’t pin point it yet but something’s triggering my impulsive side. 

Time to accept today’s things I cannot change before they further change me. : •I accept that whatever plans I have today I will most likely be late for. •I accept the judgement that may come along with my odd behaviour. •I accept that my self hatred for loss of control over these impulses is only natural and temporary. •I accept that I am not the only one suffering today. •I accept the things that I cannot change and grow from the lessons they teach me.

•I accept that I am slowly becoming more self aware and am fuckless for the negative opinions of which may follow for my openness, vulnerability and expressions. ✌️ Have a beautiful Tuesday guys! 

#beaware #bethere #beyou 


Women Are so strong, don’t get me wrong, I’m not arguing the physical strength between man and woman as we are all aware that most men are physically stronger than woman, but I’m talking, on the whole, women can be physically strong but generally if we are talking capability wise, we win by a landslide.


Women show strength in a variety of ways, be it emotionally through the various hormones we are dragged through from such an early age, childbirth to the monthly aggravation that is the almighty and unstoppable menstrual cycle. 
I’m creating this post in a positive bid to help a few other ladies who may have had a day as challenging as mine has been today.  


Before I had managed to leave my house today I had already had to change my outfit twice and not for the sake of a fashion faux pas, simply because even though I’ve been having periods for many years I just hadn’t managed to prevent the inevitable leaks that we all dread!
Throughout the day despite wearing both tampon and sanitary towel, two pairs of boy shorts, running shorts and jeans, It became apparent to me that my car seat had been given a makeover.. – fun fact about me which has just crossed my mind: I have a phobia of the colour red..
Perhaps this issue is related? Who knows?
So a third outfit change was required and I decided from then onwards, as by this point I was feeling very teary and edgy, not knowing wether to cry or scream.. I decided that I would make every effort to bring myself back around. 
I’ve been very uncomfortable all day and Feeling self conscious and irritable. These feelings serve me no good and I want rid of them! 


I stopped off at my local store and stocked up on always night ultra pads with wings- these are the only ones I use as the length and the wings are both features that give me any chance at keeping my period from becoming a public announcement lol 


Always tampons, which are a personal preference as the soft plastic makes for easier ‘glide in’ application as opposed to the cardboard. 
Chocolate covered peanuts – which I thought where raisins and soon changed them after taking the photo lol!
To my surprise they had heat pads on offer for just £1, which I love! Not only due to just having a muscle disease but for the simple fact that they ease pain greatly!
My personal long standing favourite fragrance of all time is ‘Angel’ by Thierry Mugler. 12 years strong lol I just love the stuff and have a collection of all stars and angel fragrances. They have a wonderful body wash and cream which are both highly scented and I just adore using them especially when I am experiencing my period as they give me confidence and comfort in their sweet scents. 
It is important to moisturise regardless of skin type, all skins need moisture, moisture is good! We want to improve elasticity is all skin to prolong its healthy glowing aprearance! 
I also love GLAMGLOW MUD. In the photo shown the blue pot is ‘thirsty mud’ and the White, ‘supermud’
Thirsty mud is pretty self explanatory and adds moisture so for those with dry skin this is a life saver and has the added bonus of smelling divine!
My skin is oily but I use this on my neck in upwards motions and dry patches in winter. 
Supermud is for breakouts, blemishes, pigmentation and unhealthy dull looking skin. It’s gritty texture allows for gentle exfoliation after it has set on the skin dried and has a liquorice scent. 
Check them out! They also have other mud options for various skin types but since we’re discussing the lady cycle these two are relavent. 
Most women have a water bottle but I am far too fidgety to be holding it against myself so self adhesive pads offer me more flexibility and movement. I love the heat on my lower tummy and lower back! It really encourages me to stretch easier which is also good for you during your period as it reduces congestion within your pelvic areas and increases the release of
Endorphins which allow you to feel more relaxed! But don’t over-do it! 
I have suffered a sciatic nerve pain shooting down my right leg every period, ever since after the birth off my firstborn. Doctors suggest that it came about due to increased pressures during later pregnancy due to weight gain and returns monthly as my organs swell during menstruation. 
Do any of you suffer with this or something similar?
Whilst in the shop I took it upon myself to buy myself a lovely bunch of mixed flowers 😀  


They just caught my eye and I strongly suggest you treat yourself because what reason do you need other than that of celebrating your self worth to buy something that looks pretty, brightens your kitchen – or wherever you place them, smells lovely and reminds you of how you should be treating yourself!
Giving yourself a light tummy massage can help to relieve the pain of cramping also! 
I use the basic method of a clockwise round movement using the base of the inside of my hand, minimal pressure rolling from the left to the right side and then from just under my tummy button downwards just below my cesarian scar! 
Alternatively you can treat yourself to a holistic professional treatment of which I am doing so this week at my favourite and only Holistic hot spot ‘GLOW’ In Greatmoor, Stockport. Everything about that place just automatically enhances your positive mood! I often go in just for a cup of tea between appointments lol! I have regular reiki treatments and hot stone back massages with reiki master Jill Waters. 


Ladies the top and bottom of it is to ensure that you love yourself all the time but even more so when you are in times of need. I have some friends that downplay their period problems as they believe it’s ‘moaning’ and ‘every woman goes through it’ and while that’s true, no two experiences will be the same! 
Be considerate of one another and share tips and treatments to get you through the longest week of the month!
Listen to your body and respect your emotions, accept them and if you don’t like them, change the setting. 
Make yourself a candle lit bath and read a book!  


 Listen to music or shop online! 
My current favourite ‘period confident’ top is my knitted khaki sleeveless high neck from H&M. 

  I also have it in cream but the Hemline at the back is lower than the front giving you extra rear end coverage to ensure you can keep any leaks and sneaks to yourself lol
I hope you have enjoyed my input and can relate! Now I am off to drop some lavender on my pillow and get some well deserved rest before the night feed!
Love and light to you all my lovelies 😘  


Tummy gels and stretchmarks update!

I just wanted to share something quick with you all.. I’m still getting to grips with all of this blogging stuff.. As Im sure you have noticed.. 

Everybody else’s always looks so well put together whilst I’m a perfectionist struggling to perfect my blogging image.. — frustrated much? 

Anyway, I am sure I will get there eventually..

This week has been and gone within the blink of an eye.. Shot off like nobody’s business.. One minute it was Monday and the next it’s Monday .. Again.. 😂✨ I guess that’s the magic of hard work though as I have been extremely focused this week.. I have a lot of dreams and aspirations to work towards and now is as good a time as any.

It’s not that I’m out of things to say on my blog, more so rather out of time, so bare with me, sooner or later I’ll pick up a rhythm..

One thing that stopped me in my tracks this week was an update I received from a follower.. Sharing how great her results where from the gel combination I shared in a previous post.

I can’t tell you how happy this made me feel!☺️🌸✨


a beautiful mummy follower sharing results.

This beautiful mummy Sharing her results was a lovely nudge.. A well needed nudge.. After all, I didn’t believe anybody was really paying my writing any attention, so it’s uplifting to learn otherwise.

I look forward to seeing more future tags relating to upcoming posts! 

Happy Easter to you all and I hope that you have enjoyed the bank holiday to the fullest!

Much love and light – J ✨🌸

Post pregnancy abdominal separation/diastasis recti.

I have been meaning to post this for a while and have recently been overwhelmed by my life, that i completely forgot. so here goes..

Nobody’s perfect and sometimes as much as we strive for it, that idea of perfection. We have to remind ourselves of why we want to achieve things and for what reason..One persons ideas of perfection will never be the same as the next.

For me, i wanted to shed my pregnancy weight gain ( just over 4 stone in weight) and sculpt a more curvaceous figure as i have quite a naturally narrow, athletic body type. well as i believe i am doing, one thing i  have always struggled with, after having my firstborn and then my second, is the appearance of my tummy.

Once upon a time i had washboard abs, tight skin and three perfect tummy piercings..

After carrying one large 8.15lb baby and one extra large 10.6 baby, my piercings have stretched, tummy button sagged and my muscles have suffered permanent separation..This is an ongoing thing for me as I’m constantly on the lookout for tummy tightening creams and remedies for scarring ..thus far I’ve seen results with a few products, mentioned on another blog post.. but there is little hope for the fact that remains as i can still manage to fit one hands finger width and length between my ab muscles.

I have received a few private messages from lovely mummies, asking what they think is possible for this issue and what i personally think and feel is the best way to manage it.

Well, firstly, my sister, well, one of them (i have 6) of my older sisters, who also has three children, has this condition, and we have completely the opposite issues. Whilst my tummy muscles sit rather far apart increasing the amount of sagging skin between them, my sister’s stomach has prolapsed through the gap created due to the abdominal separation.

As also mentioned in a previous post, i have always been a fan of skin-tight underwear and supportive garments. But my number one tip for any mummies suffering would be to treat yourselves to some smooth, tight underwear. I will add in for you an image of my favourite high waisted briefs. They come in black and nude. They’re from Sainsbury’s ‘TU’ underwear collection and cost around £6 I’m sure.    hese are honestly, life savers. As soon as my tummy muscles went down after having my last cesarian birth, i bought quite a few of these, they wash well and leave a minimal panty line marking.

Furthermore, if your muscles are prolapsed and you are decided upon having no further pregnancies, there are surgeries available to have the actual muscles sewn back together. I do not know much more on that subject matter, so i would suggest that you do your research, always checking the board of registered surgeons before paying any money, ask lots of questions and ask to see previous work done.

Waist training has given both me and my sister incredible results, as we both started at a similar time, we have both agreed that the compression offered through the support of the waist trainer helps to encourage the muscles to meet closer. I started after my second pregnancy weight gain, with a 42 inch waist line. ~~Details of my birth experiences will be in future posts, but without going into too much detail and spinning off onto another tangent, i had a few complications after my second section, involving the ballooning of my organs due to a bowel blockage which increased the after size of my tummy dramatically.~~ Since coming home over a week after giving birth, that meant i measured much more than i might have done so if i had not had those complications perhaps, nonetheless.. 42 inches it was..and on this exact day, today i measure the exact reverse, at 24 inches. 
I took on the opportunity to model for waist shaper Uk three months after my second delivery, with a desire to represent mother’s that want to get fit. I have been honest with the company managers from day one that if i didn’t believe the product worked, i wouldn’t continue to represent it, so when i give my advice and suggestions on the topic, know that it is because i believe in the product, i do NOT get paid to give positive feedback. Anybody who knows me will also tell you, I’m too true a character to tell strangers or anyone for that matter, any lie as it goes against all i stand for.

So if your suffering with separated abdominal muscles, i would suggest that you firstly go to the doctors and discuss it. Perhaps your not sure if you have it? Perhaps this blog posts made you have a think and help you come to realise you do in fact now know why after your pregnancy you can’t shed that lumpy mid section? If you want to get into your own waist training journey, then i would suggest that you start with the ‘sports’ shaper, as this shaper is designed for the gym, meaning it offers more movement and less restrictions than the ‘classic’. Where to measure and how to get started is also another previous blog post if you want to take a peek back at it to ensure your starting out right.

At the end of all these little struggles we put ourselves through as mummies, to these outstanding little beings, we should remember that we are our own version of perfect, flaws included. As whatever faith or belief system you have deemed your own, i am sure will support the fact that what defines a ‘real woman’ is exactly whatever makes her happy. So if waist training to lose a few inches makes you happier, then do it!. If having the surgery to fix the prolapse within your tummy gives you the confidence to wear a bikini, then do it! And if you choose not to approach the fact that you either have a lot of sagging skin such as myself, or a bagging tummy muscle, then don’t do it! You must do for yourself whatever serves your soul and not for the purpose of pleasing others.

Much love and light, J. 


March 13, 2015

Hi guys! I’m back and making a long over due entry! Certain situations have recently held my focus above others so I haven’t had the time to write but as I’ve found a few moments Im here to put my few pennies worth of thought toward the best tummy firming products! 

I posted a photo on my IG weeks ago which I will add to this post.. It featured my two current favourite gels for skin firming and tightening. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a product whore, if your promising Im testing lol, so I’ve tried a few but these are my favourite two to date and a little about them; 
First one
:- WaistshaperUK’s ‘slimming cold gel’! I must state that before I share my opinion that I am NOT paid to help sell their products, i model their waistshapers and my opinion is based off of experience. That being said.. I have been using the cold slimming gel for weeks and weeks now.. I shared a video on INSTA of my using the gel and then putting on my sports shaper for the day.. This gel smells like menthol as it is.. Lol .. For those who don’t know what that’s like, it’s like Vicks vapour rub, or minty shall I say.. I love this factor.. I think it feels fresh, it’s got a lovely cooling feeling when you apply it, even though stored at room temperature, the ingredients allow it to continue to cool for a further 5-10 minutes after applying. When you apply it you will find that you don’t need more then two finger tips worth. The better you kneed and rub into your skin the further the ingredients can sink into the lower skin layers and work more effectively. So rub rub rub.. Do a little dance and rub some more lol.. 
But whatever you do, don’t touch your eyes or any other sensitive areas after applying.. Wash your hands throughly. The gel is designed to target belly fat and loose skin but I do suppose that you could also use it on other body areas which may also have similar issues such as thighs? But I’m not advising. Simply suggesting. 
I have found that since using this gel, my tummy skin and the sagging has significantly reduced.. It’s one thing to lose weight after two large pregnancies but skins a whole other issue. I’m open about the fact that I dislike my tummy button. As it’s an ‘outie’ pregnancy didn’t make that factor any more attractive lol.. Ontop of that when I was a teenager I had this bright idea of piercing my belly three times.. Once at the top and twice diagonally at the bottom.. When one grew out i re pierced it making it four.. Which also left a skin tag.. Because of this Im always looking for the next promising product for tightening and firming. I continue to use slimming cold gel during workouts under my sports shaper and you can feel it’s cooling agent whilst your working out.. But onto my next favourite item.. 
:- Nip&Fab’s ‘tummy fix’ 
I love the smell of this stuff it’s lovely, as its plant based Im assuming this is where the scent comes from! I have been using this for little over a month and have just finished my first bottle.. I introduced this product after showers.. Applying to my tummy and buttocks because I figured ‘why not’ lol.. This gel immediately tightens the skin.. You can feel it leaves no dry residue behind..I apply this to bare skin, no moisturiser, for maximum effects.. Same with cold slimming gel, don’t moisturise beforehand but obviously moisturise the rest of your body. 
I will continue to use this gel as I believe that it has worked well in conjunction to slimming gel.. Using one for workout activity and one every morning.. 👌✨ 
I’ll keep you posted and let you know If I come across anymore tips for non surgical, skin tightening and firming!
Both gels are reasonably priced at 
£19.29 – Boots (UK)