Hotmess 🙈

Today’s mindset: 

Imperfect is okay.
OCD on fleek today. Can I say that? Lol.
I’ve been ticking all morning. 

If I roll my fingers, rub my knee, squeeze my eye or touch the right side of anything once more ill fucking lose it 😒😂 If I don’t laugh or talk about it I’ll cry. 

Anxiety is a hot mess. 

What’s today’s issue? I can’t pin point it yet but something’s triggering my impulsive side. 

Time to accept today’s things I cannot change before they further change me. : •I accept that whatever plans I have today I will most likely be late for. •I accept the judgement that may come along with my odd behaviour. •I accept that my self hatred for loss of control over these impulses is only natural and temporary. •I accept that I am not the only one suffering today. •I accept the things that I cannot change and grow from the lessons they teach me.

•I accept that I am slowly becoming more self aware and am fuckless for the negative opinions of which may follow for my openness, vulnerability and expressions. ✌️ Have a beautiful Tuesday guys! 

#beaware #bethere #beyou 


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