Women Are so strong, don’t get me wrong, I’m not arguing the physical strength between man and woman as we are all aware that most men are physically stronger than woman, but I’m talking, on the whole, women can be physically strong but generally if we are talking capability wise, we win by a landslide.


Women show strength in a variety of ways, be it emotionally through the various hormones we are dragged through from such an early age, childbirth to the monthly aggravation that is the almighty and unstoppable menstrual cycle. 
I’m creating this post in a positive bid to help a few other ladies who may have had a day as challenging as mine has been today.  


Before I had managed to leave my house today I had already had to change my outfit twice and not for the sake of a fashion faux pas, simply because even though I’ve been having periods for many years I just hadn’t managed to prevent the inevitable leaks that we all dread!
Throughout the day despite wearing both tampon and sanitary towel, two pairs of boy shorts, running shorts and jeans, It became apparent to me that my car seat had been given a makeover.. – fun fact about me which has just crossed my mind: I have a phobia of the colour red..
Perhaps this issue is related? Who knows?
So a third outfit change was required and I decided from then onwards, as by this point I was feeling very teary and edgy, not knowing wether to cry or scream.. I decided that I would make every effort to bring myself back around. 
I’ve been very uncomfortable all day and Feeling self conscious and irritable. These feelings serve me no good and I want rid of them! 


I stopped off at my local store and stocked up on always night ultra pads with wings- these are the only ones I use as the length and the wings are both features that give me any chance at keeping my period from becoming a public announcement lol 


Always tampons, which are a personal preference as the soft plastic makes for easier ‘glide in’ application as opposed to the cardboard. 
Chocolate covered peanuts – which I thought where raisins and soon changed them after taking the photo lol!
To my surprise they had heat pads on offer for just £1, which I love! Not only due to just having a muscle disease but for the simple fact that they ease pain greatly!
My personal long standing favourite fragrance of all time is ‘Angel’ by Thierry Mugler. 12 years strong lol I just love the stuff and have a collection of all stars and angel fragrances. They have a wonderful body wash and cream which are both highly scented and I just adore using them especially when I am experiencing my period as they give me confidence and comfort in their sweet scents. 
It is important to moisturise regardless of skin type, all skins need moisture, moisture is good! We want to improve elasticity is all skin to prolong its healthy glowing aprearance! 
I also love GLAMGLOW MUD. In the photo shown the blue pot is ‘thirsty mud’ and the White, ‘supermud’
Thirsty mud is pretty self explanatory and adds moisture so for those with dry skin this is a life saver and has the added bonus of smelling divine!
My skin is oily but I use this on my neck in upwards motions and dry patches in winter. 
Supermud is for breakouts, blemishes, pigmentation and unhealthy dull looking skin. It’s gritty texture allows for gentle exfoliation after it has set on the skin dried and has a liquorice scent. 
Check them out! They also have other mud options for various skin types but since we’re discussing the lady cycle these two are relavent. 
Most women have a water bottle but I am far too fidgety to be holding it against myself so self adhesive pads offer me more flexibility and movement. I love the heat on my lower tummy and lower back! It really encourages me to stretch easier which is also good for you during your period as it reduces congestion within your pelvic areas and increases the release of
Endorphins which allow you to feel more relaxed! But don’t over-do it! 
I have suffered a sciatic nerve pain shooting down my right leg every period, ever since after the birth off my firstborn. Doctors suggest that it came about due to increased pressures during later pregnancy due to weight gain and returns monthly as my organs swell during menstruation. 
Do any of you suffer with this or something similar?
Whilst in the shop I took it upon myself to buy myself a lovely bunch of mixed flowers 😀  


They just caught my eye and I strongly suggest you treat yourself because what reason do you need other than that of celebrating your self worth to buy something that looks pretty, brightens your kitchen – or wherever you place them, smells lovely and reminds you of how you should be treating yourself!
Giving yourself a light tummy massage can help to relieve the pain of cramping also! 
I use the basic method of a clockwise round movement using the base of the inside of my hand, minimal pressure rolling from the left to the right side and then from just under my tummy button downwards just below my cesarian scar! 
Alternatively you can treat yourself to a holistic professional treatment of which I am doing so this week at my favourite and only Holistic hot spot ‘GLOW’ In Greatmoor, Stockport. Everything about that place just automatically enhances your positive mood! I often go in just for a cup of tea between appointments lol! I have regular reiki treatments and hot stone back massages with reiki master Jill Waters. 


Ladies the top and bottom of it is to ensure that you love yourself all the time but even more so when you are in times of need. I have some friends that downplay their period problems as they believe it’s ‘moaning’ and ‘every woman goes through it’ and while that’s true, no two experiences will be the same! 
Be considerate of one another and share tips and treatments to get you through the longest week of the month!
Listen to your body and respect your emotions, accept them and if you don’t like them, change the setting. 
Make yourself a candle lit bath and read a book!  


 Listen to music or shop online! 
My current favourite ‘period confident’ top is my knitted khaki sleeveless high neck from H&M. 

  I also have it in cream but the Hemline at the back is lower than the front giving you extra rear end coverage to ensure you can keep any leaks and sneaks to yourself lol
I hope you have enjoyed my input and can relate! Now I am off to drop some lavender on my pillow and get some well deserved rest before the night feed!
Love and light to you all my lovelies 😘  


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