Tummy gels and stretchmarks update!

I just wanted to share something quick with you all.. I’m still getting to grips with all of this blogging stuff.. As Im sure you have noticed.. 

Everybody else’s always looks so well put together whilst I’m a perfectionist struggling to perfect my blogging image.. — frustrated much? 

Anyway, I am sure I will get there eventually..

This week has been and gone within the blink of an eye.. Shot off like nobody’s business.. One minute it was Monday and the next it’s Monday .. Again.. 😂✨ I guess that’s the magic of hard work though as I have been extremely focused this week.. I have a lot of dreams and aspirations to work towards and now is as good a time as any.

It’s not that I’m out of things to say on my blog, more so rather out of time, so bare with me, sooner or later I’ll pick up a rhythm..

One thing that stopped me in my tracks this week was an update I received from a follower.. Sharing how great her results where from the gel combination I shared in a previous post.

I can’t tell you how happy this made me feel!☺️🌸✨


a beautiful mummy follower sharing results.

This beautiful mummy Sharing her results was a lovely nudge.. A well needed nudge.. After all, I didn’t believe anybody was really paying my writing any attention, so it’s uplifting to learn otherwise.

I look forward to seeing more future tags relating to upcoming posts! 

Happy Easter to you all and I hope that you have enjoyed the bank holiday to the fullest!

Much love and light – J ✨🌸

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