As most of you know by now I am a hair and makeup artist. 

I started my own business named ‘House of Beauty’, you can give it a follow on insta: houseofbeautyinfo or FB: Houseofbeauty..
I recently posted a photo of my before and after face merged into one face as half done and half not.. 


I was quite surprised at how many people messaged saying how great they thought the image was and how it depicted the difference between thought and feeling.. As in, what I feel I look like as opposed to what I look like.. On the other hand i received a few rude comments about my ‘before’ which where Swiftly deleted.. I allow no room within any of my pages or my life in fact for that type of negative judgement.
It has taken me a long time to become comfortable within my own skin, to accept my flaws as individual quirks and learn not to absorb negative judgements from others..
This image brought up a few topics so I thought I’d mention a few on my blog as you guys may like to share a few thoughts of your own about it?
I don’t look at the image and think ‘gosh I look so much better done up’ the first thing that I actually thought was .. ‘Which one do my children see me as?’ 😂 

It’s crazy what makeup can do, by putting on makeup you can literally transform your face and feelings at the same time.

I don’t upload a load of makeup done selfies for the approval of others. I upload them because they represent my emotions of that time..And my business.. To perfect a craft requires practice, therefore I do my makeup most days.. And my hair.
My hopes for my business is that I can both teach and offer woman of all kinds the ability to transform themselves, express themselves and love themselves from all angles.
Makeup for me is not about covering my ‘flaws’ .. It started out that way, as a young, sensitive, troubled teen.. Believe it or not some days I don’t wear makeup at all and it’s funny because those days Im guaranteed to get asked Atleast once if I’m unwell or not 😂 .. No.. Just bare faced..
But it’s important i show both sides.. As Im not more comfortable in one than the other.. Only better received..
More to come soon so keep reading and commenting.. Much love and light ✨ 


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